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R. David Walker
For Okmulgee County Commissioner District #2 (2024)

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I would like to give you a little background on myself so you can make
an educated decision in the Commissioner election. I have been married 48
years to my wife, Debbie Walker, she is the daughter of Ann and Mervin
Sterner of Okmulgee. We have one daughter, Tracie Byrd. Tracie gave
us 3 grandchildren, Alec, Alivia and Aryc.  My mom's name is Nadine 
Walker and she retired from C.R. Anthony's in Okmulgee then went back
to cosmetology school got her license and worked at Betty's Cut and Curl.
My dad was Harold Walker and he worked for Schlitz beer for 8 years 
then opened up his own business named Okmulgee Vending. 
I have lived in Okmulgee County District #2 all my life. I am a life member
of the Okmulgee Elks Lodge with 38 years of membership. I graduated
from Okmulgee High School in 1972. After graduating, I went straight into
the work force for the next 41 years. I spent 2 years at a entry level job,3 
years on highline construction, 5 years in pipeline construction running
equipment and eventuallybeing a supervisor over the corrosion crew. I 
worked 31 years at ConocoPhillips Oil Company where I started out as an
Operator in the tank farm. Before I retired I had the responsibility for 2
petroleum product tank farms, 2 truck loading facilities, and about 200
miles of interstate pipeline regulated under DOT. I was responsible for
managing 4 different budgets in the millions of dollars along with managing
contractors, and employees, working to help them set goals to achieve
and completing their appraisals for pay increases. I coordinated the
recruitment, selection, and termination of employees.I personally had
the privilege of mentoring 2 employees to become future supervisors.  
I have received many awards some of which include, writing a computer
program for the Corrosion Department, Incident Command Training
Certification, Contractor Leadership Training, 2 week API School of
Petroleum Measurement School, Nation Association of Corrosion
Technologist Certification, Rockwell Automation Programming, Speed
Shore Trench Safety, Ansul Fire Fighting School, Electrical Related Safety
Seminar. I also achieved an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program
Certification for one of our tank farms and was offered a chance to
be a OSHA guest inspector. 
One of my biggest accomplishments was partnering with another employee to
design, build, and obtain a U.S. Patent on a Vapor Free Multi-Sampler. This
invention eliminates operators having to breathe  harmful petroleum vapors. 

For my first term, my wife and I decided that I could use my experience in
construction and other fields to give back to our community. With my first
term almost complete I plan on using all the knowledge and contacts I have
gained to work for 4 more years making things better for the county and
 it's employees. I would appreciate your vote so I can continue my task.

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